How to get to peace?

When peace is so alluring, how to get to inner peace?

Do we run away from conflict or fight with conflict to get to peace?

Only thing that needs to be done is to clear the lens of perception so that you can clearly see beyond the conflict and access the calm that is already there. Not ignore the conflict or what is painful but see with a clear perception the truth beyond what is perceived. Many use meditation, yoga, mindfulness or other practices to get to inner peace. These activities help you to clear your lens of perception, which is clouded by the colouring from all your past experiences.

All clearing is meant to be just clearing of your perception, not you. You do not need any cleansing, fixing or healing because you are not tainted or bad or need purification. Nor is there any need for letting go of negativity or pain or positive thinking. When your perception is clear, you can see your own light and the peace within. You can see that you were always perfect as you are, so was your life. The soot is on the mirror, not on the object.

There is nothing to add to you, no learning, no correction, no healing, no fixing. When the lens of perception is clear,  you perceive the underlying peace that is already there. And by perceiving it, you can start reflecting all that magnificent peace into the world. Just like a crystal clear mirror reflects the true image in front of it in all of its glory.


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