Peace is intense aliveness

What is peace?

Peace is not getting rid of anger, sadness or other undesirable emotions. Being at peace means being calm and intensely alive through all the ups and downs that life presents to us everyday.

Peace is not to be achieved by any external methods or means. You just need to uncover the peace that is already within you. People use ocean and waves metaphor for the pure consciousness and individual souls. The same metaphor can be used to understand inner peace. Imagine your life as a turbulent ocean, with waves and waves of experiences of joy, happiness, sadness, despair, disappointment and so on. However turbulent it may all appear to you, there is tranquil ocean underneath the waves. Just as we shift the awareness from waves to ocean to experience the tranquility, we shift our awareness within. Ocean is calm and tranquil but not placid apathy, it is intensely alive at the same time.

Your inner self is always tranquil and peaceful. When you take a step back, breathe and observe all that is appearing on the surface, you become the ocean instead of the waves. All you need to do is carefully observe the thoughts, feelings, emotions, events and all that is appearing in your life. You then become the calm witness, which is your true nature. From ‘doer’, you instantly shift to ‘witness’. You can do this only when you can accept all emotions, including joy and misery as equal parts of unending saga of life. More importantly, when you let go of resistance to feel painful emotions and allow all the experiences to just flow through you and out of you.


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